Email Marketing

April 16, 2016

Marketing design over white background, vector illustration.

Quickly build and send personalized email from basic newsletters to the most complex campaigns. Deliver promotional, transactional, and triggered messages. Track and optimize to drive performance.

Leverage your data.
Use behavioral and robust first-party data to create timely and highly relevant messages to engage — and re-engage — customers.

Send with confidence.
Enjoy intuitive send flow to speed email deployment and fool-proof testing to reduce errors. Plus, test email content at the individual user level prior to send.

Increase your conversions.
Use dynamic and predictive content to create highly personalized messages that drive action. See which content inspires engagement with A/B testing.

Boost your efficiency.
Automate everything from data imports, to email sends, to scheduled customer reports, using an intuitive workflow to message with confidence.

Main Features of Email Marketing :-

  1. Cost effective marketing tools.
  2. Internet branding via a mailer activity.
  3. Reach worldwide customers.

Features of Email Marketing Services:-

  • Each Mail Send Unique IP Address
  • All Mail Delivered with Domain Authentication
  • Acknowledge won’t misfortune for Bounce Mail (Return Balance on Bounce)
  • Send 100,000 Mails within Minute
  • Remove all invalid Email from your Database
  • Report : Send Mail, Bounce Mail, Open Mail & Unsubscribe Mail
  • No Complaints from Server site for Your Business & Domains
  • We can send Campaign our end on your behalf.
  • Get live Reporting from our Web Panel
  • Create Unlimited Users & Make Unlimited Resellers
  • Panel is totally white Label
  • Globally Access Panel with your Domain & Static IPs